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Tire cleaning system TCS-500 | USILAND 1
Tire cleaning system TCS-500 | USILAND 2
Tire cleaning system TCS-500 | USILAND 1
Tire cleaning system TCS-500 | USILAND 2

Tire cleaning system TCS-500 | USILAND

TCS-500 is specially designed for tire cleaning automatic.


Application prospect and significance:

1. Tires should avoid contact with oil or harmful chemicals as much as possible, to prevent rubber surface crack or damage.

2. Oil residues in the tire inner wall would affect the subsequent noise reduction process.


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    Related Parameters

    Project name
    Parameter data
    Laser type Fiber laser
    Laser power [W]
    Power adjustment range 10-100(adjustable)
    Wavelength [nm]
    Conductive fiber length [M] 10-15
    Single pulse energy [mJ]
    Humidity [%] 10-95(non-condensible)
    Laser grade IV
    Cooling system

    Water cooling

    Service life [h]
    Size(h*w*d) [mm³] 5300*4000*2800
    Electrical requirement
    AC220, 50Hz
    Weight [KG] 4000
    Applicable tire size [inch]
    Appl tire outside diameter [mm] 500-930
    Appl tire inner diameter [mm]
    Appl width of tire section [mm] 150-420
    Suitable for tire side height [mm]
    Inner tire spacing [mm] ≥80
    Maximum tyre weight [KG]


    *Cleaning time: ≤30s for 15 inch tyre; ≤60s for all tires. (Includes loading and unloading time, this time <15s)

    *Minimum/Maximum ambient temperature [℃]:5-40


    Operation Principle Of Our Solution

    Tire cleaning system TCS-500 | USILAND 3

    1. Oil residues, and other lubricants involved in the production are removed by high power IR lasers.

    2. Damage-free process to tires.

    3. No dead corner cleaning processing is ensured by a flexible laser head.

    4. Particles and vapors exhausts are evacuated immediately.

    Comparison Of Seal Rubber Layer Before And After Cleaning

    Binding agent is the key of our cleaning process, release agent and oil residues can be removed by laser, and binding zone is formed.

    2 (19)
    Traditional methods
    1 (18)
    Workers Climb to remove
    1. Need cut off the power supply before operation, cause money lose.
    2. Dangerous, big risk of accident.
    3. Long time for operation.
    4. Affected by weather.
    3 (15)
    UAV operation
    1. Outage before operation.
    2. Working height limit (20-40m).
    3. Long time for operation.
    4. Affected by weather.

    Advanbtages Of Laser Cleaning

    Tire cleaning system TCS-500 | USILAND 7

    1. Significantly reduced running costs compared to wet chemical cleaning.

    2. Spotless and dry cleaning process.

    3. Compatible with the subsequent process (i.e., adhesion of sealants, noise foam or RFID tags).

    4. Self-learning machine for accelerated production ramp-up.

    5. Turn table design for maximum productivity and laser up-time.

    6. Compact design.

    7. Low maintenance of laser system.

    Oil Residue Layer Cleaning

    41 (3)
    42 (3)

    Material: rubber.

    Requirement and cleaning process: 

    Remove oil residues of the inner surface (Chemical compositions of oil residue are Methylhydrogensiloxane (5-15%) and water ).

    The standard internal friction coefficient of cleaned surface is improved over 35mN/m.

    Cleaning area: 90cm^2/sec.

    Cleaning outcome: Uniform cleaning and negligible damage, the adhesion after cleaning is above 38mN/m, which meets the requirements. The efficiency is higher than target value.

    Improved solution for tire manufacturing --- alternative to super glue approach.

    System Introduction

    Tire cleaning system TCS-500 | USILAND 10
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