Suzhou USiLAND Optronics co., ltd is one of the few laser cleaning high-tech companies in China, beginning with laser cleaning technology, expanding to mold cleaning, nuclear power plant waste reduction, transportation and other fields. USiLAND continuously provides more and more precise solutions to meet the demands of customers, from the current YAG laser expanding to high output fiber cleaning head with the characteristics of high beam quality, high efficiency, small size and light weight. Since founded in 2015, USiLAND has been continuously innovating in the field of laser application and has obtained more than 40 national patents. The company has developed three series including "Laser cleaning machine", "laser grid cleaning device" and" Bird deterrent system", totally 14 products. Cooperating with State Grid cooperation in grid laser cleaning field, the company independently researches and develops the portable intelligent laser removal products, which is at the forefront of technology. To create first-class users' experience of laser no-destructive cleaning equipment and improve people's life quality with our cutting-edge laser technology and green cleaning methods is our  persistent pursuit.

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We are one of the few in China that started with laser cleaning technique and expanded to the fields of mold cleaning, nuclear power plant waste reduction, and transportation.
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