Industry Applications
Our products play an important role in multiple fields, including the power industry, machinery industry, transportation industry, and so on
Using the principle of laser, it can remotely remove foreign objects from the power grid (such as plastic, kites, branches, etc.) without the need for power outage, with higher efficiency than traditional human climbing, drone removal, and bucket arm truck removal. A new time-saving and labor-saving solution for foreign objects in power grids.
Pre treatment before welding, cleaning of weld beads after welding, and cleaning during rust and oxide removal during processing. Cleaning of molds, such as tire molds, rubber molds, composite material molds, and fire-resistant material molds.
Non toxic paint removal of the skin during maintenance of flying objects (commercial passenger planes, helicopters). Cleaning and grinding of cars and subway tracks. Remove paint and oil from the exterior and interior decoration.
Rust and paint removal of factory pipelines, and pre-treatment of welding. The use of invar alloy for cleaning, oil removal, and dust removal in natural gas. Turbine blade cleaning.
Roller version online and offline cleaning.
PCB board solder joint cleaning, solder joint activation, precision mold cleaning, selective cleaning, flux cleaning.
Online cleaning of production line equipment, removal of scale and disinfection.
Cleaning and maintenance of equipment pipelines, decontamination and regeneration of nuclear waste, and decontamination of retired nuclear power plants
Rust removal of cultural relics, ancient coins, and ancient copper, probe removal of oxidation layer, cleaning of small area coating layer before bonding, surface pre-treatment before stone tool cleaning, stone carving cultural relics cleaning, sand and stone wall cleaning
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We are one of the few in China that started with laser cleaning technique and expanded to the fields of mold cleaning, nuclear power plant waste reduction, and transportation.
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