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Every year, tire manufacturing companies around the world manufacture hundreds of millions of tires, and the cleaning of tire molds during the production process must be fast and reliable to save downtime. Traditional cleaning methods include sandblasting, ultrasonic cleaning, or carbon dioxide cleaning, but these methods usually require high heat molds to be cooled for several hours before being moved to cleaning equipment for cleaning. Cleaning takes a long time and can easily damage the accuracy of the molds.
Chemical solvents and noise can also cause safety and environmental issues. By using laser cleaning method, the laser can be transmitted through optical fibers, making it highly elastic in use; Due to the fact that laser cleaning can be connected by optical fibers to guide light to the dead corners or difficult to remove parts of the mold for cleaning, it is convenient to use; Due to the non vaporization of rubber, it will not produce toxic gases, which will affect the safety of the working environment. The technology of laser cleaning tire molds has been widely adopted in the tire industry in Europe and America. Although the initial investment cost is high, the benefits obtained from saving standby time, avoiding mold damage, working safety, and saving raw materials can be quickly recovered. The cleaning test conducted by the Usiland laser cleaning system on the production line of Shanghai Shuangqian Heavy Duty Tire Company shows that a set of large heavy-duty tire molds can be cleaned online in just one hour. Compared with conventional cleaning methods, the economic benefits are obvious.


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The precision machinery industry often requires the removal of esters and mineral oils used for lubrication and corrosion resistance on parts, usually using chemical methods, and chemical cleaning often still leaves residues. Laser de esterification can completely remove esters and mineral oils without damaging the surface of the parts. The removal of pollutants is accomplished by shock waves, which are formed by the explosive vaporization of thin oxide layers on the surface of the parts, leading to the removal of pollutants rather than mechanical interactions.

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