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Cultural relic restoration

The demand for providing increasingly high-precision cleaning technologies in the protection of cultural heritage is constantly increasing, requiring this technology to provide higher selectivity while minimizing the impact on the original structure of artworks. Laser has proposed a solution that meets this requirement, as it provides operators with a brand new tool that can be integrated with current physical and chemical methods. Therefore, lasers meet the growing demand for technological adaptability in protecting cultural heritage due to new regulations and the increasing use of lasers by public institutions. Thanks to ongoing research, the application range on different materials is becoming increasingly broad. The use of lasers on the stone surfaces of individual monuments and historical buildings has now been recognized by the industry and has become a widely accepted restoration technique. As a result of continuous commitment to internal research and development, Usiland's products have been contributing to the protection of cultural and artistic heritage for many years. Through the development of cooperation with the most important domestic research centers and the most important on-site inspection of repairs, some highly innovative solutions have been proposed.

Application of Laser in Cultural Relics Restoration Abroad:

>The Prophet Abauc

>The Gate of Buddhism (English name: Mandorla)

>The balcony of the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral

>Giambologna and the Rape of the Sabines

>The Heavenly Gate of the Baptistery

>The Statue of the National Bargello Museum

>The Fountain of Siena (English name: Gaia)

>Circular murals in the Sacred Relic Room

>The Leaning Tower of Pisa

>Lugano Cathedral (Switzerland);

>Bass reliefs in Jerusalem;

>The monastery of the Spanish cathedral (English name Oviedo),

>The temple of the National Sculpture Museum in Valladolid, Spain (English name Valladolid)

>The door of Mallorca Cathedral;

>The door of Diocletian's Palace in Croatia


Application of Laser in Cultural Relics Restoration in China:

>Shanxi Yungang Grottoes: Cleaning Ink Stains

>Mianyang Bishui Temple: Cleaning Smoke and Moss

>Nanjing Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Mural: Cleaning Mold

>Guangxi Huashan Rock Paintings: Cleaning Ink Stains

>Buddha: Cleaning Moss

>Xi'an Qianling: Cleaning Rust

>Qing Dazu Rock Carvings: Clean mold

There are four main advantages of using laser technology to clear the surface of historical relics and art:


1. Minimize intrusion

There is no physical contact between the laser equipment and the surface to be processed. This allows for operations to be carried out on extremely fragile or easily altered surfaces, even before solidification. Bullying, directly acting on the surface, laser does not require any additional adhesive Organic materials or chemical additives.


2. High degree of controllability

The delamination deterioration layer can be measured in this way - a single pulse only involves a few micrometers of thickness, which enables the depth of repair to reach extremely high accuracy.


3. Selectivity

The physical principle of laser utilization is that the different light absorption coefficients of various materials depend on their color. In most cases involving black or very dark colors, the deterioration layer to be removed completely absorbs light, allowing the laser removal process (melting) to be almost instantaneous. On the contrary, the substrate of the material to be preserved is usually a relatively light color tone, which largely reflects the incident light, thereby limiting or preventing the effect of the laser.


4. High precision

The cleaning process only involves the area illuminated by the laser beam, and the surrounding area will not be affected by any mechanical or thermal factors. Moreover, fiber laser can allow for the processing of surfaces with quite complex structures. The variable handheld laser head provides high flexibility in use, while also being able to handle large surface areas or extremely small details.



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Laser cleaning of moss mold

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Laser cleaning of stone carving oxide layer

Dazu Rock Carvings in Chongqing

Laser cleaning for Dazu Rock Carvings

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