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What is the working principle of laser clearing instrument?
To focus obiects from the ground at a long distance by fiber laser,quickly cut or fusing the cord tangled on the metal cable, The products can be used for powertransmission lines, railway (high-speed train) power grids.
What are the main parts of the machine?
The main parts includina fiber laser.optical lens. water cooling machine and collimator are customized.
Will the laser damage the wire?
The melting point of the wire (bare wire) is 670 ℃ - 720 ℃,while the meling point of the foreign matter is about 30 ℃, and the thermal energy of thiswavelenoth is mostlv scattered on the metal material. and hardlv absorbed by the bare wire. The whole process lasts for several seconds.
How far is the laser range? How long does the battery last?
The working distance of the 100W modelis 90 meters, the 200W model is 180 meters, and the 600W modelis 300 meters. The mobile power module can be usedfor 100 minutes under full load operation, which is the longest battery life in the industry.
What foreign matters can the device remove?
Working obiects are ballons,ktes, plastic bags and other foreign objects,200W model can remove branches within 4cm in diameter, while 600W can be used on removing branches over 10cm in diameter.
We are one of the few in China that started with laser cleaning technique and expanded to the fields of mold cleaning, nuclear power plant waste reduction, and transportation.
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