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Security design advantages
Personal induction system
The device will detect if any people front of it in a certain distance.
Emergency button
If any emergency occurs, you can press this button to shu off the device in a short time.
Fingerprint authorition (optional)
The device only can be turned on by authorized operator.
Laser control pad
The laser can be controled using laser pad.
Safety key switch
Double insurance for starting the device.
Battery to achieve EMC dynamic
The APP displays the battery status.
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Obstacle clearer usage scenarios
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Compared with traditional models, product advantages
Traditional methods
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● Need cut off the power supply before operation, cause money lose.
● Dangerous, big risk of accident.
● Long time for operation.
● Affected by weather.
69 (2)
● High Cost.
● Damage to the powerline.
● Long time for operation.
● Affected by weather.
70 (2)
● Outage before operation.
● Working height limit (20-40m).
● Long time for operation.
● Affected by weather.
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USiLAND solution

To solve the problem of HV powerline foreign objects, USiLAND researched the smart grid cleaning device as inventor.


Just 3 steps to complete the cleaning:

01/ Aiming at the object by the device.

02/ Lasing from the ground.

03/ Using the laser energy to cut off the object on the powerline.

Product advantages

Short time solution to avoild outage, 1-2 minutes for operation, very quick to remove the objects.

Send laser from ground,no dangers, no need to climb the powerline tower, reduce danger to workers.

No damage to powerline, cut off in a very short time, no damage to powerline.

● Long working distance: 100~400m, 100-300M working distance suit to different situations.

No limit from the weather, no matter rainy, windy or snowing, both avaliable to work.

No additional consumable material, good cost performance from long term.

Once connect to the power, it will work, no oil, gas..etc.

Application areas
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We are one of the few in China that started with laser cleaning technique and expanded to the fields of mold cleaning, nuclear power plant waste reduction, and transportation.
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