Laser Bird Deterrent

For birds,Vision is the most sensitive organ,they regard the beam light shining as a dangerous signal,that's the key inspiration of our production named Eglel which exactly accordingly to bionics principle, Lauching the laser light to make the birds scared unadapted,so they will fly away immediately to avoid this beam light but without any harm.It can be used in various fields such as airports ,farms and power grid and coverage reaches 2000 meters.Unattended operation and high intelligence auto operation supported by cloud platform.


1. Automatic cruise

2. Speed Adjustable  

3. Auto start-stop

4. Timing operation

5. Memorable

6. Self-checking function

7. Wireless remote control

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We are one of the few in China that started with laser cleaning technique and expanded to the fields of mold cleaning, nuclear power plant waste reduction, and transportation.
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