Reasons for application of bird repellent

For birds, vision is the most sensitive. The smart anti-bird laser device is inspired by bionics, so that birds regard the laser beam directed at them as a dangerous signal, producing threatening or maladaptive effects. Due to their survival instinct, birds will avoid the beam directed at them and fly away quickly, thus achieving bird repelling without harming them. Ornithologists have demonstrated through numerous experiments that bird eyes are the most sensitive to the 520-532nm laser beam.

● The International Bird Strike Committee recommended the practices of bird repellent and wildlife control.

● Comparative Statistics of International Bird Strike Status.

Application scenarios

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Bird repellent application steps
Find the object
Laser scanning
Drive bird away
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Working principle

● Able to change the scanning range and laser intensity at any time.

● AI can recognize birds and distinguish among birds, humans, and other objects.

● Deep learning image recognition algorithm, with a recognition ability approaching 100%.

Application scenarios

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● Low Voltage

● Long Service Life: The entire body is made of materials that achieve waterproofing, anti-thunder, and anti-radiation effect, fully ensuring safe and stable operation.Long service life and low long-term investment cost

● Less Maintenanc

● Reliable Performance  

● Ultra Low-Power

● Long-Lasting Effect: Bird vision is very sensitive, especially to green lasers with a wavelength of 532nm, with natural resistance and inadaptability

● Safety Guarantee: 1.Visual bird repellent, no harm to humans or birds.2.No consumables, no chemicals, and no pollution to the environment

● Efficient Solution: 1.Unlimited by weather and environment, repelling birds anytime and anywhere.2.No need for consumables, vehicles, etc.3.Fully automatic solution, timed and fixed for repelling birds, with low manual input

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