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Tire mold laser cleaning system S-TMCS-500 | USILAND 1
Tire mold laser cleaning system S-TMCS-500 | USILAND 2
Tire mold laser cleaning system S-TMCS-500 | USILAND 1
Tire mold laser cleaning system S-TMCS-500 | USILAND 2

Tire mold laser cleaning system S-TMCS-500 | USILAND

S-TMCS-500 is a Laser Tire Mold Automatic Cleaning System, bringing a one-of-a-kind solution to the tire mold cleaning industry.


The impurity on the surface of the workpiece is cleaned by the laser high energy explosive belt, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning。

Green environmental protection, energy saving, zero emission, 99% operating mode, without the use of water resources and chemicals.

Compatible with manual or online.

The main function of removing oxide film, thin paint, oil, rust.


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    S-TMCS-500 comes with 6 high frequency picosecond laser heads, providing a range of laser frequencies to cater for different types of mold materials and accuracy levels. This ensures an even and accurate cleaning of tire molds.

    S-TMCS-500 is equipped with an automated cleaning system, ensuring the whole cleaning process is completed without the need for manual intervention, saving time and human resources. The system is also equipped with an alarm system to prevent accidental damage to molds, eliminating the risk of personnel who operate the cleaning system.

    This system guarantees an excellent cleaning result, saving resources and improving work efficiency. The water airflow pattern system is able to generate strong air pressure, ensuring thorough cleaning of the tire molds with no residues.

    This equipment has undergone rigorous quality testing to ensure maximum performance, durability, and reliability. It is also designed with user-friendly interface and user manual documentation, allowing users to get up and running the system quickly and easily.

    Related Parameters

    Project name
    Parameter data
    Working mode Automatic
    Single pulse energy [mJ]
    Cooling system Water cooling
    Laser power [W]
    Wavelength [nm] 1064
    Humidity [%] 10-95(non-condensible)
    Cleaning efficiency [Min]
    Power supply 220V AC
    Switch machine time [s]
    Time <30
    Cleaning size [inch] 11-75
    Laser level


    *Minimum / Maximum ambient temperature [℃]: 5-40

    *Intelligent operation

    One-click operation, With ERP/MES function, production history and video inquiry.

    *Laser cleaning head

    <1.5kg, with Galvanometer feedback function, Effective protection of cleaning tools.

    *Cleaning method

    Fully automatic cleaning of side panel and pattern block(you don't need to disassemble the mold sleeve insulation sleeve or disassemble the mold sleeve in blocks to place automatic cleaning, two kinds of automatic process cleaning and two half molds).


    Tire mold laser cleaning system S-TMCS-500 | USILAND 3

    1. Touchless precision cleaning without mold wear.

    2. Spotless cleaning of intricate tread designs, including winter tire molds.

    3. Dry process with almost no consumable cost.

    4. Improved Housekeeping – no blasting dust in the maintenance area.

    5. Environmentally friendly – no chemicals, minimum waste volume, energy efficient.

    6. Safe – low noise emissions.

    7. Full automation guarantees a flexible and reproducible process of laser cleaning with USiLAND's S-TMCS-500.

    8. Flexible and mobile laser cleaning with IPG.

    9. Friendly Price And Stable Work.

    Full Replace Of 4JET

    产品详情-S-TMCS-500-2 (2)

    1. High quality cleaning of all mold types.

    2. Lowest emissions of all cleaning systems.

    3. Lowest operation cost of all cleaning technologies.

    4. Abrasion free and complete cleaning of sidewalls and tread area-No damage.

    5. Media free(no dry-ice,no blasting media).

    6. Cold mold and hot mold can be cleaned.

    7. 360°canning, No dead corner,Including the uneven crevices.

    Compared With Traditional Cleaning Methods



    1. After laser cleaning, there is no damage on the surface of the tire mold.

    2. Laser cleaning without residue.

    3. After laser cleaning the mod, the tires produced no appearance defects.

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