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Wheelset cleaning machine | USILAND

With the rapid development of railway train technology, the train speed has been increased in recent years, so the performance requirements of each part of the train have increased accordingly.

Vehicle wheelset is an important part of train operation, which is composed of two wheels firmly pressed on the same axle. The role of the wheel set is to ensure the operation and steering of the train on the rail, bear all the static and dynamic load from the train, transfer it to the rail  and transfer the load generated by the uneven line to one of the train components  and is also one of the most critical control points to determine the safety of the train.

Therefore, in the process of train maintenance, the requirements for the quality of wheelset maintenance are also extremely strict. The equipment developed by our company is mainly composed of multiple combined lasers.


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    Related Parameters

    Size(h * w *d)[mm³] Approx.230*225*160
    Weight[kg] 6(Excluding components such as lines and water pipes)
    Cooling system Water cooling
    Wavelength[nm] 1064
    Power supply requirement 380V AC
    Maximum power consumption [W] 6000
    Minimum/ Maximum operating temperature [℃] 5-40
    Ambient humidity [%] ≤80
    Laser Class IV
    Run-length[mm] 10-170
    Rperating mode Airborne
    Focal length[mm] 440
    Cable length[m] 15
    Cleaning method Fully automatic wheelset cleaning
    Cleaning efficiency[Min] 5-25

    Traditional Cleaning:

    At present, the cleaning of the axle (wheelset) of each maintenance company is the use of two chemical substances, paint defixation and Antaite with medium water and steel wire wheels for circulation washing.

    Laser Cleaning:

    1. Comes with air purification system. At the same time, collect the rust particles of the cleaned paint.

    2. No damage to wheelsets. During the cleaning operation, the laser cleaning system completely removes the rubber attachments without causing any damage to the metal surface of the wheelset.

    3. Automated cleaning operations. The automatic system replaces the manual cleaning operation, freeing the worker productivity.

    4. Seal the cabinet and isolate the production area. The closed cabinet is equipped with a safety door that can rise and fall, which can completely avoid laser damage to workers.

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    Principle Of Laser Cleaning:

    1.  Laser beam is absorbed by the pollution layer on the metal surface.

    2. Big power  absorption formed rapidly inflated material steam plasma, become shock wave.

    3. Shock makes pollution layer into pieces and be removed.

    4. The width of light pulse must be short enough to avoid heat buildup that destroys the treated surface.

    5. Experiments show that plasma is generated on the metal surface when there are oxides on the metal surface.

    Company strength:

    1. Manually place the wheelset on the loading guide.

    2. Automatic feeding.

    3. Wheelset rotation.

    4. Laser cleaning (with automatic polishing at the same time).

    5. Automatic discharge.

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    We are one of the few in China that started with laser cleaning technique and expanded to the fields of mold cleaning, nuclear power plant waste reduction, and transportation.
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