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What Usiland Can Teach You About Birds In Airports Pose A Potential Risk To Flight


Airports, power plants, farms, and local wildlife alike have all experienced various forms of disturbance from birds. While these feathered creatures may seem harmless, they can cause significant damages and disruptions to human infrastructure and the surrounding environment. Fortunately, a new technology called the laser bird repellent system, or laser bird deterrence, has been gaining momentum as an effective and humane solution to this problem.

What Usiland Can Teach You About Birds In Airports Pose A Potential Risk To Flight 1

Birds and air travel have long had a complicated relationship. In the air, birds pose a significant threat to the safety of planes, as collisions can result in damages and even fatalities. In airports, birds can cause delays, as they need to be chased away before takeoff and landing. In 2016, for example, 41 Turkish Airlines flights were delayed due to bird strikes at Istanbul Ataturk Airport alone. This situation is not limited to Turkey, as airports around the world struggle with this issue.

Birds also pose a danger to power stations. Their presence can lead to power outages, as they can accidentally touch the high voltage equipment or build their nests near the electrical parts. In 2017, an outage at a nuclear power plant in France was caused by a short circuit when birds built a nest on the electrical equipment, highlighting the potential impact of birds on power generation.

Even farms are not immune to the problematic presence of birds. Birds not only eat and destroy crops but can also spread disease and parasites among the animals. In Canada, the government has launched a program to help farmers protect their crops from bird damage, including using laser bird repellent systems.

These challenges have led to the development of new bird control technologies. Among them, the use of laser bird repellent systems has been gaining momentum. These devices emit laser beams that create a visual deterrent for birds, causing them to fly away. Unlike more traditional bird deterrence methods such as cannons or noise machines, laser bird repellent systems are relatively quiet and have no environmental impact. They are also more humane since they do not harm the birds or disrupt their daily lives.

One example of the successful implementation of this technology is the New York-based company, Bird Control Group. They have deployed their Avix Autonomic laser bird repellent system at multiple airports in the United States, and the results have been impressive. According to the company, the number of bird strikes decreased by 60% at New York's JFK Airport, by 75% at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and by 99% at the Lehigh Valley International Airport in Pennsylvania.

What Usiland Can Teach You About Birds In Airports Pose A Potential Risk To Flight 2

In addition to their use in airports, laser bird repellent systems are also being used in other sectors worldwide. In Canada, a grape grower reported a 99.8% reduction in bird damage after implementing a laser bird deterrent system. The Spanish energy company, Endesa, has used this technology to keep birds out of their facilities in Andalusia. And in the Netherlands, farmers are using a laser system to protect their berry crops from bird damage.

In conclusion, while birds may contribute beauty and biodiversity to our environment, they also present significant challenges to human infrastructure and the surrounding habitats. As such, new bird control technologies, such as laser bird repellent systems, are essential to mitigate the impact of these creatures. With their versatile and humane nature, the use of laser bird repellent systems will only increase in the future, bringing benefits to multiple sectors and reducing the impact of human development on the environment.

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