A Fruitful day - Korean client visits Usiland


On 15th,NOV,2023,Korean customers came to Suzhou Usiland from Korea .The general manager and technical manager of Usiland received two customers from Korea.The main purpose of the customer's visit is to seek better laser cleaning equipment and reach cooperation.

At 10 am, the Korean customer arrived at Suzhou Usiland  Optoelectronics Co., LTD, in the meeting room.Usiland extended a warm welcome to the customer.

Usiland had the pleasure of hosting a visit from our esteemed Korean client. The purpose of the visit was to showcase our latest products, including the Laser Cleaning Machine, the Laser Obstacle Removal Device, and the Laser Bird Repeller. Our client was also taken to visit a customer site where they were able to observe our tire mold cleaning machine in action. The visit was a resounding success, and both parties were able to establish a strong relationship of cooperation and friendship.

The visit started with a tour of our facilities, where the Korean client was introduced to our team and shown our newest technologies. They were particularly impressed by the Laser Cleaning Machine, which uses high-powered lasers to efficiently and effectively clean surfaces without damaging them. This machine was shown to have a wide range of uses, and our client was keen to explore the possibilities for its practical application in Korean industries.

Next, we demonstrated our Laser Obstacle Removal Device, which is designed to remove any obstructions that might disrupt industrial processes without damaging the surrounding environment. This device is particularly useful in factories where there is a lot of machinery that needs to be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

Finally, we presented our Laser Bird Repeller, which uses lasers to scare birds away from industrial buildings, golf courses, and other outdoor areas. This device is used extensively in Korea, where bird damage can be a significant problem, and our client was very impressed with its effectiveness.

After the product demonstrations, we took our client to visit a customer site where they were able to observe our tire mold cleaning machine in action. This machine uses high-pressure water jets to remove residual rubber from tire molds before the molds are reused in the production process. Our client was impressed with the speed and efficiency of the process, which meant that tire molds could be cleaned quickly and with minimal damage.

Throughout the visit, the atmosphere was positive and constructive, and both parties were able to engage in productive discussions about how our products could be used in Korean industries. The Korean client was impressed with our technology and expertise and expressed a strong interest in establishing a long-term relationship of cooperation with Usiland.

In conclusion, the Korean client's visit was an excellent opportunity for Usiland to showcase our latest products and expertise. It was clear that our technology had practical applications in the Korean industries, and we were delighted to establish a new relationship of cooperation with a valued client. The visit was a success, and we look forward to working with our new Korean partners in the future.

A Fruitful day - Korean client visits Usiland 1

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