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Usiland Smart Grid Cleaning device


1100KV high voltage lines have balloons wrapped around them, which may cause widespread power outages... In the past, it was usually necessary to adopt live processing or power failure processing, but the implementation of various licensing procedures took a long time, and personnel boarding operations, there are certain limitations. With the new equipment, the precise positioning was achieved in 30 seconds and the balloon was cleared in one go.

The solution is a highly sought-after device - the Usiland Smart Grid Cleaning device.

Usiland Smart Grid Cleaning device 1

The principle is to use the thermal effect generated when the laser irradiates the material to remotely melt and vaporize foreign bodies, which can achieve the removal of foreign bodies within 20-120 meters of high-voltage transmission lines, such as plastic film, kites, balloons, advertising banners and so on. Compared with the traditional cleaning method, this technology is easy to operate and pollution-free.

In addition to removing foreign bodies, the laser can also be used to clean the "dirty things" on the surface of the object, so that the stain instantly evaporates, and does not harm the equipment and the substrate of the workpiece. Not only that, the generators in the cold areas of the plateau almost suffer from ice problems all year round. Today, a beam of light can melt the ice on the turbine blades in an instant, escorting the power supply in the high and cold regions of the plateau.

Usiland Smart Grid Cleaning device 2

Laser cleaning

Rust corroded metal with a laser cleaning machine immediately bright as new, poor texture weld after laser cleaning also become smooth and beautiful... Laser cleaning technology research started in the mid-1980s, but it was not until the early 1990s that it really entered industrial production, and gradually replaced traditional processes such as sand blowing, mechanical grinding and chemical corrosion in many occasions.

Foreign laser cleaning decontamination range is very wide, from the thick rust layer to the laser surface of the fine particles can be removed, in decontamination involving the laser cleaning experiment used in the type of equipment is also more, the laser wavelength range is wide, but the development of laser cleaning technology is unbalanced, some have achieved industrialization and some are still in the laboratory stage.

Usiland Smart Grid Cleaning device 3

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