Bothered by birds at the airport? Maybe you need a laser bird repellent


With the advancement of technology, more and more innovative solutions are being discovered to address different problems. One of the innovative solutions that has revolutionized the way we deal with birds in urban spaces is the laser bird deterrent system.

For birds, vision is the most sensitive. Inspired by bionics in design, the laser bird repellent can emit a rod-like green laser with a diameter of 100mm and a wavelength of 520-532nm during operation, simulating the conditions for biological visual reflection. When the green laser rod is sprayed over, birds are like seeing a green stick,  thus achieving the bird repellent effect without harming the birds.

Bothered by birds at the airport? Maybe you need a laser bird repellent 1

Ornithologists have demonstrated through numerous experiments that bird eyes are the most sensitive to the 520-532nm laser beam.

1. The International Bird Strike Committee recommended the practices of bird repellent and wildlife control.

 2. Comparative Statistics of International Bird Strike Status) 

So what are the advantages of laser bird repellents?First,it has Long Service Life,The entire body is made of materials that achieve waterproofing, anti-thunder, and anti-radiation effect.This fully ensuring safe and stable operation.At the same time,long service life and low long-term investment cost.This greatly reduces the cost of enterprise.The second advantage is the long-Lasting effect.Bird vision is very sensitive, especially to green lasers with a wavelength of 532nm, with natural resistance and inadaptability.The third is the safety guarantee.It is a visual bird repellent and there is no harm to humans or birds.Also,there is no consumables, no chemicals  and no pollution to the environment.It is completely environmentally friendly.In the end, laser bird repellents can be used unlimited by weather and environment, repelling birds anytime and anywhere.

The range required for different sites varies,Usiland laser bird repellent is able to change the scanning range and laser intensity at any time.This ensures that we can change the range of the bird and the range of laser irradiation at any time.Changes can be made according to different circumstances.

Some people may wonder, that can laser bird repellent accurately identify different objects or humans?AI can recognize birds and distinguish among birds, humans, and other objects.Deep learning image recognition algorithm, with a recognition ability approaching 100%.

Bothered by birds at the airport? Maybe you need a laser bird repellent 2

Bothered by birds at the airport? Maybe you need a laser bird repellent 3

A laser bird deterrent system, or laser bird repeller, is a non-lethal, humane, and eco-friendly solution for deterring birds from landing or roosting on buildings, airports, and other structures. The system works by using laser beams to create a visual and physical barrier that disorientates and discourages birds from landing in the area.

Apart from its practicality in deterring birds, the laser bird deterrent system has found broad applications, making it an essential tool in different sectors. Take airports, for example. Bird infestations can cause significant damage to aircraft, leading to millions of dollars in maintenance and repair costs. By installing the laser bird deterrent system, airports can discourage birds from nesting in their facilities, and ultimately, reduce bird strikes.

Furthermore, the laser bird deterrent system has been adopted in agriculture to protect crops from birds. Birds are naturally attracted to crops, and their presence can cause irreparable damage that can lead to crop failure. The laser bird deterrent system provides farmers with an effective and environmentally friendly means of preventing bird attacks on crops.

The application of this technology extends to the marine industry, where it is used to prevent seabirds' interference on offshore structures. Seabirds are a common sight at sea, and they can cause severe damage to oil rigs and wind farms. By installing laser bird deterrent systems, these offshore structures can be protected, and seabird interference mitigated.

In conclusion, the applications of laser bird deterrent systems are broad and varied, making it an essential tool for different sectors. The use of this technology has helped reduce damage, improve safety, and prevent birds from suffering. As more industries continue to learn about the effectiveness and benefits of this technology, the use of laser bird deterrent systems is expected to grow significantly.

Bothered by birds at the airport Maybe you need a laser bird repellent
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