Pole and tower bird repellent customer demand case


1.Customer Issues:

Customers want to repel birds without harming birds, and work on rainy days and install them easily

2.Customer Requirement Point Analysis:

System application location:

Solar pole laser bird repellent system. The application place is in Huai 'an,JiangSu, and the installation position is at the top of the pole.On the Angle steel, light the crossarm position.

3.Cloudy And Rainy Weather:

The project lasts for 3 to 7 days on consecutive rainy days.

4.Working Hours:

Working during the day, closed at night.

5. According to the needs of customers, we carried out the design.

(1) Laser Tube: Less than 100mw and the width is adjustable.

(2) Solar Panel: Efficient black single crystal 10W, high conversion efficiency.

(3) Lithium Battery: 16AH large capacity energy storage, in the face of continuous rainy days it can also work, continuous working time of about 80 hours.

(4) Light Sense Function: Light sensing, automatic operation at dawn, automatic shutdown at night to prevent disturbance and other light pollution.

(5)Timing Function: The program can be set and the irregular laser  open every 3-5 seconds and the flashing light column increases the effect of bird repellent.

(6) Portable Installation: Can be directly fixed on the tower Angle steel, good versatility.

(7) Light Weight: Weight less than 7kg and portable

(8) Simple Operation: Switch it on and off at the touch of a button.

6. Completion Time:


Pole and tower bird repellent customer demand case 1

Pole and tower bird repellent customer demand case 2

Pole and tower bird repellent customer demand case 3


Pole and tower bird repellent customer demand case 4

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